Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sen. Champion Introduces Tougher Meth Law

Missouri lawmakers will once again consider a bill that could help keep people from jumping from pharmacy to pharmacy to buy legal drugs used to make illegal meth.
Sen. Norma Champion, R-Springfield, said at a news conference on Wednesday that she plans to introduce that bill.

People wanting to buy medicine that contains pseudoephedrine must show a photo identification and sign a paper log. State law also restricts how much of that medicine that one person can buy.

It's difficult, however, to keep people from stopping at several pharmacies. Law enforcement have access to the store’s log but must go from store to store to check them to see if one person is buying more than he should.

Champion says her bill would require all pharmacies in the state to be connected via the Internet so pharmacists at each store would know if the person has purchased drugs somewhere else within a given time period. Law enforcement officers say the bill would help cut down on time spent tracking meth cooks.

A bill similar to this has failed in the past. But according to our report, Sen. Champion couldn't put a price tag on the bill and couldn't explain how it would be paid for. Huh?

You can watch KY3's Sara Sheffield's report HERE.

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