Friday, November 02, 2007

Kit Bond Supports Giuliani

Sen. Kit Bond has endorsed Rudy Giuliani for president.

Bond becomes a national co-chair for Giuliani's campaign.

The endorsement is further evidence of the split among top Missouri Republican leaders and their preferences for president. Gov. Matt Blunt, Speaker Rod Jetton and former Senator Jim Talent are backing Mitt Romney. Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder is behind Fred Thompson. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson recently announced she's backing. Ozarks Congressman Roy Blunt has yet to make an announcement on who he supports.

"America is hungry for a President who will say what he means, and do what he says. The American people want and deserve a genuine leader,and that is Rudy Giuliani," Bond said in a statement, as reported in The Washington Post. "Rudy has the leadership qualities and the experience to handle whatever challenges America faces in the next 10 years."

Bond becomes the second Senator to back Giuliani in recent days. Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman recently announced his support for the former New York City Mayor.


Matt said...

Wow! I would have guessed that Kit would support Fred Thompson. Senator Bond is one of my political heroes, but I have to disagree with his endorsement of Giuliani.

boyd said...

This just shows what a lack of conviction Bond has on issues like gun control and abortion. Giuliani has proved he is for gun control and is pro-abortion regardless of what he says now. I think most conservatives will stay home next year, especially if the Democrats run someone other than Hillary.

Paul Seale said...

Bond always has been more moderate than say Jack Danforth. He is an old school Republican throw back which some in the party should listen to on a variety of issues.

I also think there are some issues which play to Giuliani's favor - like giving the press down the road and showing an occational spine which some Republicans are sadly missing.

That spine is called leadership.