Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It's Official: Here Comes the President!

The White House made official today what KY3 News told you last week: President Bush is coming to Springfield Friday to campaign for Senator Jim Talent.

The White House said Tuesday that President Bush will travel to Missouri on Friday to campaign for Republican Senator Jim Talent. It will be the first time the two appear together at a public campaign event in the state this year.

Two of the places that Bush likely will visit are Joplin and Springfield. The White House likely will release other details about the trip on Tuesday afternoon. The Republican Party, law officers and the Springfield Expo Center have been preparing for the visit since at least last week, although some of Talent's campaign staff said the trip has been in the works for several weeks.

Bush's trip is an effort to help Talent and other Republicans motivate conservative voters just four days before the election on Nov. 7. Recent polls continue to show Talent and Democratic State Auditor Claire McCaskill running even in a race that could determine whether Democrats regain a majority in the Senate.

Talent has largely avoided mentioning the president in his campaign speeches and TV ads. Bush campaigned in Springfield for Talent and other Republicans at Hammons Student Center at Southwest Missouri State University in 2002.

Some Republicans say the media's focus on Talent's supposed distance from the President is hogwash. "It's just not true. Senator Talent has always opened his arms to the President. He's been here before for events and fundraisers. The media has just gotten it wrong," complains one Republican.

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