Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Champion: Big City Liberals Prop Up Harpool

Republican State Sen. Norma Champion's campaign is touting her third quarter fundraising report while taking aim at her Democratic opponent Doug Harpool and his contributors, in a new press release.

The Headline: "Springfield Voters Support Champion, Big City Liberals Prop Up Harpool."

According to third quarter fundraising numbers, Champion's political committee showed $58,324 in contributions "from Springfield families and businesspeople." Champion reports $199,881 cash on hand.

"Candidate Harpool raised less than half the amount Senator Champion's campaign did, accepting more than $15,000 from liberal and special interest groups whose values are out of line with Springfield families, including NARAL and Missourians for Choice. And Harpool has aligned himself with big city union bosses by accepting large amount from unions in Kansas City and St. Louis," blasts the release from Champion aide Mike Barnett.

"Doug Harpool continues to prove that his liberal stances are inconsistent with Southwest Missouri values by accepting money from pro-abortion groups and big city liberals," Barnett added.


Old Iconoclast said...

This post ought to make the right-wing happy and stop all this talk that Dave Catanese is a liberal shill.

Ain't Normal has done the predictable, she's called Harpool a liberal with "out of line" values who caters to "big-city union bosses." It sounds like Champion's camp is stuck in the 1980s.

Barnett does not mention that his boss accepts money from casinos and liquor distributors. Those must be consistent with southwest Missouri values.

journeyer417 said...

There Dave goes again, clearly showing his bias against Champion.

I guess you conveniently "forgot" to include in your report that Champion has finally jettisoned her hypocrisy and returned the donations she previously took from beer, liquor and gambling interests.

What's that you say? She has not returned those donations? Someone should mention something to dear Auntie about the problem with throwing stones in glass houses.

Here's the real story... Champion is making the implicit accusation that Union Members are not also to be included in the membership category of "Springfield families." I wonder if she believes the same with respect to the Firefighters, Police, and Teachers who have endorsed him?

bobicus tomatocus said...

Being fair to all sides, I really would like to see some critical analysis on this piece.

I never support posting talking points of a campaign without putting it in context and giving both perspectives.

I would hope to see the Harpool perspective.

busplunge said...

"Champion's political committee showed $58,324 in contributions 'from Springfield families and business people.'"

I don't usually do this, but this number struck me as awfully high. I went and downloader her ethics report for the third quarter.

Almost HALF of her contributions ($32,894.99) were from PACs, candidate committees, Republican party committees and individuals who DO NOT live in Springfield.

6 contributions were from the same PAC with different regions (MHA KC, MHA NW, MHA Central, MHA SE, MHA SW). These all came from the same PO box in Jefferson City.

Her biggest contributor was the 7th District Congressional Republican Committee which gave her $6400.00.

Other notable high contributors include the 31sts Republican Sentatorial Committee in Raymore, MO which gave her $1800.00. The Missouri leadership fund gave her $600. Nodler Leadership PAC gave her $600. Missouri GOPAC gave her $650. Jay Wasson gave her $600. Citizens for Brad Leger gave her $650.

She returned a contribution from the SDC BACPAC. Beer, gambling, alcohol?

Several contributions from Springfield showed different businesses at the same address.

The following PACs gave her money
Missouri EYE PAC
Missouri Pharmacy PAC
America's Health Insurance Plans PAC
MOPAC insurance agents
MO FOrest Products PAC
MO Dental PAC
MO Health Care Association PAC
MO School Administrators PAC

Her news release states that her 3rd quarter contributions,$58,324, came from Springfield. In the report she is required by law to file with the ethics commission and which she signed, she states that $32,894.99 DID NOT come from Springfield.

bobicus tomatocus said...

Doug is a liberal. That much is certain.

As is most of the Democratic party.

The main way most Democrats are being even semicompetitve in places like Missouri is to pretend to hold at least semiconservative values and hide what they stand for. That includes Claire Mc Caskill.

We will see if voters buy it.

This is why it is important for media outlets to challenge both sides, so we get a picture of who the person really is.

The media have failed to do this this year. Whether or not it is intentional or just laziness is yet to be determined.

In both cases, though, Democrats are not examined or their policies challenged. That does not help the republic. Then again, I am sure that doesnt matter.

And Old Icon, to "even things up" would take quite a bit more than a single press release.

I will say it again and again. The bias I see here repeatedly is the lack of hard policy oriented questions toward Democrats. The debate was an excellent example of that.

Bull into Orbit said...

Here Barnett goes again. While Champion sits on the sidelines and hides behind her money she has her 23ish year old aide or blind seeing dog talk about nothing.

Lets be honest, you aren't talking about important issues that a candidate should be addressing. Instead, you are talking about fundraising? Get with the program Springfield is tired of this hide and go seek politics Champion has been using.

You want to show she is a better candidate then debate Doug Harpool. Don't hide, dont claim the media is biased. According to Barnett SWMO is a conservative area so I dont buy it.

KY3 should put pressure of Norma Champion. If she is still capable of doing her job she will debate Doug Harpool, if not, we dont need her in office.

kona1214 said...

I think the ad will help Doug Harpool. I mean please......who would vote for someone who had to use an ad like that to try to gain support. Grow up Norma or go back to Children's hour. My suggestion would be to step it up and have some class like your opponent. By the way....... it didn't sound a thing like Doug.