Thursday, September 21, 2006

Final Debate Set in Kansas City

In what will be their fifth and final debate to be announced, Sen. Jim Talent and Democrat Claire McCaskill have agreed to spar in Kansas City on October 18th, two days after our KY3 debate.

Here's the release from both campaigns:

"U.S. Senator Jim Talent and U.S. Senate candidate Claire McCaskill today accepted an offer by KMBC-TV, KCPT-TV, KCUR-FM and the Examiner Independence to debate in Kansas City on October 18. The Talent and McCaskill campaigns have agreed to debate five times before voters go to the polls on November 7. "

"The Kansas City debate will take place at the University Academy charter school located at 68th and Holmes. The debate will be moderated by KMBC-TV’s new anchor Larry Moore. The panelists are KMBC-TV’s political reporter Michael Mahoney, Kansas City Star political reporter Steve Kraske, KCPT-TV public affairs and the news programming director Nick Haines, KCUR-FM news director Frank Morris and Examiner Independence editorial board editor Jeff Fox."

The full Talent/McCaskill debate line-up is as follows:

Sunday, Oct. 8th - Meet The Press - KY3 will travel to Washington, D.C. to cover the debate, with a behind-the-scenes look at the NBC studio. According to Meet the Press production manager Betty Nevins, it hasn't yet been decided if Talent and McCaskill will get the full hour, or just 35 minutes. Nevins says it depends on the news of the day.
Wednesday, Oct. 11th - St. Louis
***Monday, Oct. 16th - KY3 in Springfield***
Wednesday, Oct. 18th - Kansas City

Four debates in in 11 days . . . Whew!

Mega kudos to both campaigns for working together and agreeing to a slew of debates. That's what it's all about! Most campaigns, especially local ones, should follow their lead. Although notice, no Senate debates are scheduled for the last two weeks up to election day. I mean, wouldn't it be great to watch them go head to head the night before?! . . . with everything on the line!


journeyer417 said...

Is KY3 willing to sponsor a Champion-Harpool debate?

Chris Fluharty said...

Local people want to debate but the media is to busy with the Senate debates. Charlie and I have agreed to debate anytime anyplace. Dan Scott has yet to return out calls and emails. If someone will set it up I'll show up and Charlie Norr also. Dan Scott has too much to loose if he decides to finally open his mouth and say what he stands for. SO yes the 137th want to debate.

bobicus tomatocus said...

I just hope Tim doesnt decide to take the side of the Democrat like the past two debates.

Allen's performance was medocre while Santorum shined.

Then again, it was two on one in both occations.

I wont be able to see the debate, so I will do what I love to do, read the transcript.

Citizenkan said...

The media is too busy?! What a cop-out.