Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Where Scott Eckersley stands on 9 issues

Q: How should we hand the immigration problem with Mexico?  What do you think of the Arizona law?
We must secure the borders.  It is more than an immigration issue; it is a question of national security.  As for the Arizona law, I respect a states' right to govern itself.  I do not support legislation that may impinge on Fourth Amendment protections of citizens of the United States.  I will be an interested observer as Arizona enforces this law and as the courts take up its constitutionality.  Regardless, it is time for President Obama to close the border now.  This administration and Congress must address meaningful immigration reform this year.
Q: How can the Congress promote economic growth and  jobs?

Taxes are too high.  We must reduce taxes on individuals and corporations in order to spur economic growth and provide jobs.  Government debt and out-of-control spending chill investment and stagnates job growth.  It's time for congress to balance the budget and make the cuts necessary to unburden the American taxpayer.  These steps toward stability will spur investment, innovation, and prosperity will follow.
Q: What can Congress do to make our education system more effective?

Our educational standards need to be set high.  Our kids need to compete worldwide and the federal government has a role to play in setting these standards and incentivizing performance thereto.  We are all stakeholders.  It is up to parents, school boards, local communities, the state, and federal government to ensure our children's success.   

Additionally, the federal government needs to set low interest rate loans for college students.  Rising tuition costs and high rates of return are burying our students in debt.   

Q:  Earmarks: what do you think about them and why?
I am opposed to earmarks.  It's time to increase transparency at the federal level.  Right now, we need legislators with the courage to vote on our nations laws, not based on what's in it for them.  I want a vote on the bill, not on the special interest pay-off.    
Q: Health care: where do we go from here now that the U.S. has reformed health care?
The fundamental question is can we afford this bill.  We cannot.  I would not have voted for the healthcare bill and I submit that it must undergo significant revision to be sustainable.  The solution to the country's healthcare crisis is in improving the health of its citizens.  I would like to see bipartisan support for a revision of this bill that focuses on the root cause of health costs and not a more expensive bandage. 
Q: What is your opinion of drilling for oil in national park land and how do you prevent another Gulf oil slick?
We need off-shore drilling to decrease our dependence on foreign oil.  By putting in place stronger regulations and bigger penalties for failures, fewer failures will result.  I support drilling for oil to decrease our dependence on middle-east oil.  It is also important to protect park lands.
Q: Discuss the balance between personal privacy and individual freedoms versus protection from terrorists.
It's a delicate balance.  We live in a free country.  The government is expected to protect its citizens.  The government and its agencies need to share information and take the least intrusive approach to safeguarding America and protect its principles of freedom.
Q: How can our government realistically cut the federal debt?    
It's time to exercise serious "fiscal constraint" in government spending.  We must both plan and take steps certain to balance the federal budget.  Entitlement programs need to be addressed to ensure fiscal viability.  Income taxes must be reduced on individuals and capital gains taxes need to be reduced to spur business investment and jobs creation.
Q: How can the federal government reform Social Security?
The President has appointed a bi-partisan committee to address federal debt and spending.  The report is expected to come out December 1.  It is my understanding all tax and spend items are on the table, including social security.  I intend to review the findings and work with members of congress to ensure social security benefits are protected now and funded in the future.


hal said...

I don't understand. People don't want to be forced into buying health insurance but we all HAVE TO BUY CAR INSURANCE! Why one & not the other? Harold od Springfield,Mo.

Betty B. said...

I see that Billy Long has been graced with 52 tags on your blog. Meanwhile, Scott Eckersley has none. Could this be construed as bias on your part, Brad? After all, Eckersley is a Republican running on the Democratic ticket, and he makes a tiny bit more sense than the high roller bufoon Billy Long. Long in congress will make SWMO the laughingstock of the entire US. Perhaps you should reconsider your coverage of Eckersley to give him equal attention.