Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Q&A with Scott Eckersley

by Joe Daues, KSPR News

Q:  As a brand new Congressman, how do you plan to make southwest Missouri’s voice heard in a body of 435 people?

A: I think you've got to have the guts to stand up strong when you believe in something.  I think as a Congressman, among that many people, that many voices, especially a freshman Congressman, I think you really need to have the mettle to believe in what you say and follow through.  And that's something I bring to the table.

Q: What’s the most important issue facing the Ozarks and the nation?  How do you intend to address it as a Congressman?

A: I think right now the most important issue facing the Ozarks and the nation is probably one and the same: it's jobs, it's this economy.  Out-of-control spending is not helping the situation - it's hurting.  We've got to find ways to balance the budget  - number one - and then look at ways to reduce the federal deficit.  Without that, I'm not sure there's much hope.  So I'm planing to go to Washington to do both of those things.

Q: How do you plan to cut through the bitterness and rancor of Capitol Hill so it’s not more of the same old debate?

A: I've seen some of that. My experience has shown me, maybe, some of the uglier sides of politics. It's not what I'm about.  It never has been.  I haven't changed.  I've been a conservative.  I continue to be a conservative.  But also conservative in Missouri morals, Missouri values.  The fingerpointing needs to stop.  I think the solutions need to be reached in a bipartisan way.  Now more than ever, I believe folks are looking for a person, not a party.  

Q: What makes you the right person for this job?

A: I think this election is interesting.  I do believe I'm the right person for this job.  And I look forward to shaking hands with folks all across this region, looking them in the eye and telling them, "I am the person for this job."  It's time for somebody who has stood up to establishment.  Everyone's saying it - I've done it. I can stand up to the establishment and just have the mettle to do it, but actually prevail.  That's what I've done.

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JB_murrill said...

How can he fight the establishment? As a Democrat he is part of the establishment in Washington right now that is driving this huge deficit, the huge spending. Eckersley has shown his hand a bit, he said he'd work to balance the budget, does that mean work to decrease the established Democrat party's out of control spending, or join in with other Democrats by seeking out ways to increase our taxes typical of tax and spend Democrats, while trying to play it off, "oh it's not a new tax that we are doing here!"