Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Most 7th District Candidates Won't Be Attending Palinmania

Most of the Republican candidates running for Congress in the 7th District won't be attending Sarah Palin's events in the Ozarks Wednesday.
But auctioneer Billy Long will attend the speech and a special private V.I.P. meet and greet after her appearance at College of the Ozarks.
Palin will do a book signing at BORDERS from 10 a.m. to noon, then make a speech closed to the media at College of the Ozarks at 7 p.m.
The Notebook sent inquiries to all seven GOP contenders to see who would be attending Palin's Borders book signing or the college speech.
Here's what we found:
Sen. Jack Goodman: Not able to make either event due to previously scheduled obligations. Spokesman Miles Ross said he wasn't sure if Goodman had purchased the book. "He is currently reading a book by Senator Tom Coburn," said Ross.
Billy Long: Going to the speech, but probably not the book signing. The auctioneer said he also plans on attending a special dinner prior to the speech at the Keeter Center and a special V.I.P. meet and greet photo opportunity after her speech. The V.I.P ticket did require a donation to a student activity program, according to College of the Ozarks spokeswoman Elizabeth Andrews.
Sen. Gary Nodler: The Senator is currently out of the state in Washington. Spokesman Charles Poplstein said that trip prohibits him from attending either event.
Michael Wardell: Won't be attending the speech or the book signing. "I would have if the tickets were not snapped up so fast," Wardell e-mailed. Said he plans on purchasing the book.
Mike Moon: Won't be attending the speech or the book signing. "I wish I could but I'm not able to," Moon said. "There weren't tickets available and I'm working during the book signing." He said he has not purchased "Going Rogue" but is interested in reading it.
Jeff Wisdom: Does plan on attending the book signing, but not the speech. "I teach a Wednesday evening class at OTC," said Wisdom. The instructor said he does plan on purchasing more than one copy of Palin's book. "One for myself and the others for Christmas gifts. I will give one copy of the book to my dad," Wisdom said.
Darrell Moore: Plans on attending speech, but not the Borders book signing. Said he has no plans on purchasing Palin's book.

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