Monday, December 28, 2009

Jericho Out; BlogTalkRadio Podcast Tuesday


An employee with Journal Broadcast Media tells The Notebook that controversial conservative radio talk show host Vincent David Jericho is no longer employed with KSGF.

On Monday afternoon, Bruce Delay was listed as the new morning host on the KSGF website. Jericho was no longer listed as personality. An employee with an affiliated station said he could not elaborate on the reason for Jericho's departure. By Monday evening, fans were offering their prayers for Jericho on his Facebook page.

In August, Jericho, who had been on the air with KSGF for more than five years, made national news during an interview with Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele. Steele said he agreed with the often bombastic host on a point he was making about politicians "who can't behave themselves."
"When stuff gets in the crapper, you got to clean it out," said Steele, leaving the impression to many that he was referring directly to Congressman Roy Blunt.

Jericho has also been a vociferous critic of Blunt and 7th District executive director Mavis Busiek. "
If you don't kiss Mavis Busiek's ring, and if you aren't 800 years old, they don't let you in," Jericho said on his program during the Steele interview.
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Jackie Melton said...

Morning show producer Kortni Williams tells me KSGF is hoping to hire a new morning show host soon. Bruce Delay is listed as a guest host under podcasts at the KSGF Web site and is not listed as a personality or identified as "the new morning host on the KSGF website" that I could find.