Monday, November 02, 2009

One Year Away

One year from today Missourians will chose its 45th U.S. Senator, voters in the Ozarks will select a new 7th District Congressman and a handful of incumbents will be tested to see whether they can survive the typical midterm storm.
Both Democratic candidate Robin Carnahan and Republican Roy Blunt sent out e-mails to their U.S. Senate campaign supporters Monday marking the one year countdown.
CARNAHAN WANTS $45 DONATIONS: "Tonight, all across the state, Robin's supporters will be hosting House Parties to recruit a strong volunteer force and build the grassroots network we will need to win. But today, I'm asking you to join with so many others who are helping our campaign effort with a contribution of $45," writes Carnahan finance director Emily Ebert in an e-mail.
Ebert cites a polling advantage, but warns that Blunt has a financial advantage and that Team Carnahan needs to stay competitive: "We must stay competitive with Blunt on financial resources too. And two weeks ago the latest fundraising numbers were reported showing Congressman Blunt with an advantage of over $400,000 in cash reserves over our own campaign."
BLUNT WANTS $20.10: "Which way will "Bellwether Missouri" turn on November 2, 2010, only one short year from today?," writes Roy Blunt in an e-mail. "In only ten months, the Washington liberal way has sent the jobless rate soaring to nearly 10 percent with new national debt and budget deficits never imagined, at any time in our history. Now, the liberal one-party monopoly in Washington wants vast new taxes, huge cuts in Medicare for seniors, and unprecedented direct control over your health care. Enough is MORE than enough!"
"With the election only a year away, here are four things you can do right now to help. Recruit ten people in your network of family and friends to join the campaign. Third, consider making a generous contribution to our campaign by participating in our $20.10 challenge."
One of 49 districts that went for John McCain and a Democratic House member -- Skelton is one of the Democrats the GOP is targeting in an attempt to "expand the playing field"
HUMAN EVENTS JOHN GIZZI SAYS SKELTON is one of 25 seats the GOP can win next year.

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