Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Freeze For A Cut

A tuition freeze coupled with a 5 percent cut -- That's the deal that's been hammered out between Governor Jay Nixon and 4-year public colleges and universities in Missouri.


It would be the second straight year students and parents see no tuition or fee increase.
The Governor also said he'll have to cut higher education spending by about 5 percent, or $42 million dollars, for the 2011 fiscal year.
Gov. Nixon made the announcements in St. Louis and Springfield Tuesday.
"Over the past ten years, tuition in Missouri increased by an average of 7.5 percent a year. We have worked to buck that trend. And together we're making it happen," Nixon said.
MSU President Michael Nietzel: "This is really great that students in Missouri will be able to say they have not faced a tuition increase for a second year. I doubt whether there's any other state that's going to be able to say that."
MSU Senior Mindy Dilley: "Me, personally, my family helps me pay for it and I always feel like I'm kind of a burden on them, so this is amazing."
MSU Professor George Connor: "The costs at the university aren't going down and they're not staying flat, so ultimately the university is losing money."
House Speaker Ron Richard: "We appreciate the Governor’s tuition proposal and will put it through the normal process, along with any other budget recommendations from the Governor."
House Budget Chair Allen Icet to KBIA: "We really don't know the 2011 budget picture that well. Although I would say most people would anticipate, and I would be one of those, that the revenue picture for 2011 will be worse than what it is in 2010." But Icet told the Kansas City Star, "the legislature is apt to accept it."

Asked If He Expects To Continue Deals Throughout His Term:
"We're Doing These One At A Time"

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