Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cape Girardeau GOP Chair Targets Sowers Donor

The chairman of the Cape Girardeau County Republican committee is targeting 8th District Democratic Congressional candidate Tommy Sowers for accepting money from a wealthy contributor who wants to send stimulus money to China.
Cappy McGarr donated $4,800 to Sowers' Congressional campaign, and he's also behind an effort to tap stimulus dollars to go towards a U.S.-Chinese wind energy project in Texas.
But some have concerns that stimulus money would be used to buy turbines and other components made in a Chinese plant.
In fact, McGarr himself said the project would create 2,800 jobs -- of which 15% would be in the U.S. "The rest would flow to China," reported The Wall Street Journal.
And recently Sen. Kit Bond wrote, "There is bipartisan concern that the Obama administration is using U.S. taxpayer dollars to fund green jobs in China and other foreign countries."
But Voss made the case that McGarr's donation to Sowers reflected on his character.
"I'm sure Cappy supports Tommy Sowers because they would both rather America chase a future in wind energy than invest in real, affordable resources like oil, natural gas, clean coal and biofuels that create American jobs. That's their choice. But to make China the beneficiary of American tax dollars is just plain wrong, and yet another reason why the "stimulus" stinks," wrote Cape Girardeau GOP chair John Voss in a release Tuesday.
"Tommy Sowers can keep the SNL funny money, and I am sure he will savor whatever crumbs executives on Wall Street toss his direction. But the real Tommy Sowers' character has been revealed from his associations with people like Cappy McGarr, who are taking stimulus money and shipping it to China," Voss went on.
The Sowers campaign called the attack "desperate" and linked it to Rep. Jo Ann Emerson.
"This is the type of desperate attack you would expect from a career lobbyist that knows she has a true challenger for her seat. What she doesn't want to talk about are the thousands of jobs she has sent overseas from the district due to her trade votes, the current economic crisis she actively enabled by her lack of oversight, and the millions of dollars in special interest contributions that have driven her votes for the last 12 years," said Sowers spokesman Jonathan Feifs.
"The people of Southeastern Missouri have gotten poorer and poorer on Emerson's watch, and all she seems to be interested in is attacking the individuals that support Tommy Sowers's campaign," Feifs added.


David said...


The reason companies have to source wind turbines overseas is because the capacity simply doesn't exist here at home yet.. there aren't enough companies making the wind turbines stateside.

I'd like to point out that Cappy McGarr and this same A-Power company are about to build another factory, also in Texas - one that will create 1000 green jobs in the states and use American-made parts. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/the-us-renewable-energy-group--a-power-energy-generation-systems-ltd-announce-plans-to-build-a-wind-energy-turbine-production-and-assembly-plant-in-the-united-states-70244717.html

Additionally, I don't quite understand bashing Sowers for "chasing" wind energy rather than "investing in real, affordable resources like oil..." It seems like any move from oil to wind, whether a temporary fix or not, is immensely preferable to the alternative.

Thanks -

Billy said...

Although this is news, it is in no way surprising. Sowers first came out with all this blue dog rhetoric about the economy and the constitution. HA. Now between Cappy McGarr, Loren Michaels, and all his other Wall Street/George Soros types: the picture is clear. Sowers is Pro Cap and Tax. Nancy Pelosi salivates at the off chance he gets elected because he would mearly be another rubber stamp for her, much like Russ Carnahan.

Jo Ann may take PAC money, but the Sowers folks, in typical democratic arrogance, are telling people this is so wrong, like they don't know it's a fact of life. Everyone in the congress takes PAC money, whether that's right, wrong or indifferent, it's fact.

But with Jo Ann we have a clear record of what she actually stands for. She is pro off-shore drilling, anti cap and tax. If Cap and Tax passes the senate, the electric rates of the 8th district could rise by as much as 80%. That won't affect any jobs will it Maj. Sowers?

Lewis said...

Sowers or Emerson,,,
Two wings on the same buzzard.
Both are big government puppets who can't wait to sell us out for a federal reserve note that's on loan from China.
Don't waste your vote on more of the same.

Dave Mitrani said...

The most interesting thing about Emerson's offshore drilling stance is that Missouri is literally as far away as you can get from an ocean in the United States.


Billy said...

Dave M, what's so interesting about it? Don't you buy gas? Or do you have an electric car? well either way cap and trade will take money out of your bank account, kids college savings, and funds you could have started, expanded, or supported a business with.I agree we have to address the environment and climate at some point down the road, but not in the middle of this recession, not when China, India, and Mexico have said thanks but no thanks. We have to find the cheapest and most abundant energy first. The thing is that we can do so much with cleaner coal and natural gas, but not tomorrow or the day after. We have to find common sense solutions for the regular folks in the district who want and need cheap energy tomorrow.