Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dixon Wants Longer Deer Season

Springfield Rep. Bob Dixon called on the Missouri Department of Conservation Tuesday to extend its firearms deer season.
Dixon cited a significant overpopulation of deer in parts of the state, including the Springfield metropolitan area. Springfield City Council recently approved controlled archery deer hunts on public property.
Missouri's firearms deer season runs 10 days. This year it was between Nov. 14th and Nov. 24th.

"Deer season in parts of Arkansas lasts over a month," said Dixon, a candidate for State Senate. "Extending our own deer season would have several benefits: better managing the deer population, more opportunities to hunt over the holidays, and increased contributions to the Share the Harvest program. In these tough economic times, our food pantries are seeing a vastly increased demand. Sharing more of the harvest could address some very real needs."


Busplunge said...

This guy is hitting all the bases--
anti tax folks,
and now deer hunters.

Is there any constituency he won't pander to?

Jim Low said...

Actually, Missouri's firearms deer season is nearly a month and a half long, spanning 42 days. This includes:
-- an 11-day November portion (not 10 as reported in this story),
-- a 12-day antlerlerless hunt (designed to reduce the number of female deer for population control),
-- an 11-day muzzleloader hunt,
-- a four-day urban deer hunt (which includes the Springfield area) and
-- four days of youth hunting.

Jim Low
Conservation Department News Services Coordinator