Monday, November 02, 2009

Blunt to Unveil 10 GOP Healthcare Bills in 2 Weeks

After weeks of sustained criticism from the Democratic Party, Congressman Roy Blunt said Monday he'll highlight one piece of GOP healthcare legislation each day for the next two weeks.

Blunt said HR 2607, the "Small Business Healthcare Fairness Act," would allow small businesses to band together to purchase coverage for their employees at a lower cost.

State and national Democrats quickly pounced and said Blunt's plan wasn't worth the wait.

"Congressman Blunt's health care plan was essentially written by the insurance lobby, who've poured in thousands of dollars into his campaign coffers over the years," said Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman Eric Schultz.

The Missouri Democratic Party cited the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, which estimates that HR 2607 would increase premiums for 80% of small businesses.

"The sickening truth is that his alternative Republican plan will push more Missourians off healthcare," said Missouri Democratic Party executive director Brian Zuzenak. notes that there hasn't been much news coverage of this specific proposal dealing with small businesses.

Meanwhile, Blunt said he would join House Republicans in reading the 1,900 page Democratic healthcare bill before the media in Washington Tuesday.

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