Wednesday, October 28, 2009

VIDEO: Nixon Says Cuts Protect Priorities

Gov. Jay Nixon said his $204 million dollars in spending cuts were necessary to avert a budget disaster but added that his plan protects his major priorities of education, healthcare and jobs.
"While we have reduced $634 million dollars in spending, we have protected our priorities," the Governor said, despite cuts to healthcare providers.
"I actually expect that having budget challenges and actually dollar challenges, will bring people together. I think it brings out the best in Missourians," Nixon said after outlining new cuts Wednesday.
BUT: "I can't rule out that we're not going to have to come back and make some additional restrictions," Nixon added.
  • In four months, he's now line-item vetoed or cut $634 million dollars in spending
  • Stressed no cuts to Medicaid eligibility and said that the state is actually covering 20,000 more children since the beginning of this year.
  • With 450 part-time and 200 full-time state worker cuts, the Governor has now slashed a total of 1700 state worker positions since the start of 2009.
  • Said budget process would've been easier if the House embraced his healthcare proposal that would have tapped federal money.
  • Noted Missouri is the only Midwest state to achieve a AAA bond rating from all three firms
  • On cuts to providers: "Seeing that reimbursement rates for service provides match the Medicare rate instead of above that doesn't cut access."
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