Monday, October 05, 2009

Study: Blunt Provides Fmr. Aide Earmarks Through "Murtha Method"

The Center for Public Integrity outlines how Congressman Roy Blunt provided an earmark to a former aide who is now a prominent lobbyist and uses it as a textbook example of "The Murtha Method."
The Murtha Method is described as when "former staffers become lobbyists for firms seeking earmarks; the Representatives secure earmarks for the companies those lobbyists represent, and the contractors and/or the lobbyists send campaign contributions to those members of Congress."
Josh Israel outlines how Blunt provided an earmark to a Joplin-based company that former aide Gregg Hartley lobbies for.
"Since 2004, Hartley has been a registered federal lobbyist for EaglePicher Technologies Inc., a Joplin, Missouri-based manufacturer of battery management systems for defense and other purposes. In that capacity, public disclosure records show, he lobbies on the company’s behalf on the annual defense appropriations bill. Blunt obtained an earmark for $3,920,000 in the 2008 bill for “Advanced Lithium-Carbon Monoflouride Combat Portable Batteries,” according to Taxpayers for Common Sense. And from 2006 to present, Blunt has received $11,783 in campaign contributions from Hartley, according to data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics."
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ALSO: USA Today notes that Blunt has taken more money from lobbyists this year than any other Congressional candidate-- a total of $310,534. That's more than the National Republican Congressional Commitee and the Republican National Committee.
Overall, the report finds that fundraising by Washington lobbyists so far this year has chiefly benefited the Democratic Party.

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