Friday, October 09, 2009

Stick It In Your Ear

Congressman Ike Skelton is the latest politico to be caught on an open mic, muttering a candid thought that wasn't meant for public consumption.

The Washington Times notes that after responding to Rep. Todd Akin's comments on defense legislation on the House floor, Skelton turned to an aide and suggested where Akin could "stick" his viewpoint. A live microphone caught it.

From The Times: "Mr. Skelton asked an aide for the vote tally in the Senate, then repeated the 87-7 Senate vote aloud to Mr. Akin. Then Mr. Skelton recognized a fellow Democrat to speak and turned to sit down, though not before saying audibly to the aide the offending phrase."

It took mere minutes for Sen. Bill Stouffer's campaign to forward the article to political reporters around the state -- HEADLINE BLARING: "Ike Skelton Caught Swearing On Floor of House."

*Sounds like IKE is now ready for his nationwide tour*


"Ike Skelton owes Todd Akin and the residents of the 4th district an apology for his insensitive and mean-spirited outburst on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. Representative Akin was simply expressing a sentiment that many Missourians share, yet he was subject to a verbal assault from Skelton," said Missouri GOP Executive Director Lloyd Smith.

THIS AFTERNOON: Skelton told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch he woud apologize to Akin if he felt offended by the remark.

"During heated debate, unfortunate things are said. And that’s what happened. Period," Skelton said.

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