Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nixa Marine Plans Campaign for Congress

"We have only heard a few ideas . . . from the people running."
Nixa business owner and retired disabled Marine Michael Wardell plans to become the seventh Republican candidate for the 7th District Congressional seat.
Wardell said Wednesday he would officially announce his U.S. House bid next Monday, Oct. 26th at the Nixa Community Center.
"There are many problems that affect our way of life here in the Ozarks,” said Wardell. "The economy, national security, health care, and energy are just a start. I have been hearing a lot of great input from those around me that are concerned as I am about these and other issues. They want answers, not rhetoric," said Wardell in a statement sent to The Notebook. "I’ll give you answers because what we need in D.C. is a reality check not political hype. Reality over Politics," Wardell added.
Wardell said if elected, he would pledge to only serve four terms or eight years.
He said he would focus on limiting Congressional power, providing middle class tax relief and "addressing the reality of the $45 Trillion dollar deficit."
Read more detail on Wardell's positions on his campaign site HERE.
Read his full press release HERE.
"The challenges we face as Americans are monumental. We are a nation besieged by 4 crises. The economy remains in recession, we are at war, Cap and Trade threatens to raise our energy bills over 100%, and the current administration is attempting to hurt Seniors Medicare coverage and working Americans health insurance coverage without addressing Tort reform. America does not need this kind of leadership. And we have only heard a few ideas and a few plans from the people who have been running," Wardell.
The other six GOP candidates in the race to replace Congressman Roy Blunt are Sens. Jack Goodman and Gary Nodler, auctioneer Billy Long, Greene County prosecutor Darrell Moore, instructor Jeff Wisdom and health worker Mike Moon.

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