Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rasmussen Has Blunt & Carnahan Tied

*2010 U.S. SENATE*

A brand new Rasmussen Reports survey shows Missouri's 2010 U.S. Senate race knotted at 46%.

Eleven months from the election, just 5% of Missouri voters are undecided.

Blunt takes men by 17 points; Carnahan holds a 13 point lead among women. Blunt takes independents by 8 points.

SURPRISE: Carnahan's negatives are HIGHER than Blunt's.
Blunt's favorable/unfavorable is 57%-33%
Carnahan's favorable/unfavorable is 52%-42%

"Nearly all the numbers in this early survey show an uncommonly close match between two members of well-known Missouri political families," Rasmussen writes.

Just 44% approve of President Obama but 58% approve of Gov. Jay Nixon

Read all the details HERE.
The right-leaning Missouri Record's Patrick Tuohey breaks it down: "If I was advising either campaign—and I am not—I would suggest that Carnahan’s stealth campaign is not in her best interest. The report shows that demographic groups important to her think health care will increase costs, add to the deficit, and will result in middle class tax increases. Moreover, as she fails to tell voters about her and her policy preferences, she allows opponents to do that for her. (Unfavorable ratings are very difficult to lower.)." Read the rest HERE.

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