Monday, September 14, 2009

"I Think She Wasn't Happy"

Springfield Chamber of Commerce president Jim Anderson said he wasn't completely surprised by the resignation of Economic Development director Linda Martinez Monday because he didn't think she was happy in the job.
"She never said anything to me, but I just never thought she was as happy as she thought she was going to be," said Anderson, who met with Martinez numerous times over the past nine months.
"My sense is the Governor wanted enhanced performance, so this is probably the best result for both of them," Anderson said.
"She was always a great technician," Anderson said of Martinez's legal skills. "But that job requires a lot more than technical skills. I'm just not sure if it was a good fit."
Added that it's obviously a setback for the Nixon administration, but stressed it's not one the Governor can't recover from.
Also said he thought Martinez's comments in her letter to Nixon were "unfortunate." On her claim that she wasn't able to meet with the Governor, Anderson said, "She just didn't need to say that. It's unfortunate she burned a bridge."
Gov. Nixon brings his "Show-Me Business" tour to Springfield Tuesday morning.
The Governor plans to tour the accounting firm BKD at 10 a.m. -- and then hold an economic roundtable with Springfield business leaders.
"I think he's seeking input from people on the ground about the issues that need to be addressed in his 2010 legislative agenda," Anderson said.

"Despite unemployment approaching 10% in Missouri and hundreds of thousands of residents unable to find work, Governor Jay Nixon has refused to meet with the cabinet official he placed in charge of Missouri's economic development less than eight months ago," said Kinder.

"It is one thing for Governor Nixon not to meet with me; it is simply astounding for him to ignore his own Director of Economic Development. This behavior is unacceptable, and his refusal to put aside his petty political differences or halt the infighting among his staff has caused Missourians to suffer needlessly," Kinder concluded.

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