Friday, August 14, 2009

Stouffer Files to Take on Skelton

State Sen. Bill Stouffer has filed the paperwork to run for the Republican nomination to take on Congressman Ike Skelton.
"Enough is enough," Stouffer told CQ Politics Friday. "We've lost sight of what the role of the federal government is. We forget that the federal government was created by the states to serve the states, not to dictate to the states, and I'm concerned with the deficits that we're running up." And, he continued, "I think we're heading down the wrong road. We've got to be more fiscally sound in our decisions."
Stouffer said he would have voted against the economic stimulus law and the House-passed "cap-and-trade" climate change bill, which the Senate will consider later this year. Skelton voted for both of them.
Former State Rep. Vicky Hartzler has also filed paperwork to take on Skelton and has planned townhall meetings next week. But some Republicans worry any type of primary would doom their chances of taking on Skelton because of the cost of the race.
Despite mounting challengers, CQ still rates the the 4th District "Safe Democratic."

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