Friday, August 14, 2009

Saturday Showdown: Another 7th District Test


All of the announced candidates for the 7th Congressional District will face-off at KSFG's "Patriots in the Park" event in Springfield Saturday.

GOP contenders Sen. Jack Goodman, Auctioneer Billy Long, Prosecutor Darrell Moore, Sen. Gary Nodler and College Instructor Jeff Wisdom are all scheduled to speak in Fassnight Park from 12-2 p.m.

Wisdom, who is currently overseas, will address the crowd by phone, according to his campaign.

Independent candidate U.S. House candidate Dean Moore and U.S. Senate candidate Chuck Purgason are also expected to speak.

Each candidate will get about 10 minutes to address the crowd, and it will be moderated by the flamboyant KSGF host Vincent David Jericho.

The event is another public test for the 7th District contenders who are vying for early enthusiasm and support. Insiders will be closely watching which candidate captures the mostly conservative crowd.



1. How many jokes Billy Long will deliver -- and if he's got any new ones.

2. What gets bashed more -- the stimulus OR government healthcare.

3. The kind of reception "the base" gives Darrell Moore.

4. Since Jericho is for Wisdom, how much of the crowd will be pro-Wisdom.

5. If any of them publicly praise Roy Blunt with the knowledge of Jericho's feud with the Congressman.

6. Who wins the sticker/sign ground war.

7. Who gets more applause Goodman or Long.

8. Who gets more applause Goodman or Nodler.

9. Which candidate delivers the most red meat for the right.

10. If any of the 7th District candidates clap for anything Purgason says.

11. Dean Moore's relevancy.

12. Which candidate has grown/sharpened his message the most since entering the race.


Vincent David Jericho said...

Ahhh David I've NOT endorsed anyone. You did look cute today though!

Paul Seale said...

What bothers me most about this particular "report" is that Democrat sponsored Labor Day events are covered with civility and positive spin.

Events, such as this sponsored by a local media out let are marked as "kiss the ring" with spotty and incomplete information provided.

Again, if you wonder why some people believe there is bias, then this could give people ammunition.

Kris said...

Give it up Paul. Dave didn't even cover the Greene County Jackson Days this spring. An event where all the Statewide office-holders, Senator McCaskill and Congressman Skelton were present.

gumshoe said...


When was the last time there was a highly contested Democratic Primary focusing on Southwest Missouri, you stooge?