Friday, August 14, 2009

Lamar Reversal -- Billboard to Come to Town

The Lamar Advertising Company said Friday it will allow a billboard targeting Congressman Roy Blunt to go up in downtown Springfield, overruling the local representative.
"The copy as presented was in compliance with our policy and we should have run it," Lamar executive Hal Kilshaw told the Springfield News-Leader in a telephone interview Friday. Kilshaw said politics is "something that shouldn’t have been taken into consideration." "That’s not supposed to enter into our decisions," Kilshaw said. "This is pretty much standard political fare."
US Action and its Missouri affiliate, Missouri Progressive Vote Coalition said it would proceed with the billboard purchase. "We're grateful that our message will be heard and that the billboard company agrees that our ad is accurate," said David Elliot, a US Action spokesman. "We're also grateful that Lamar has reversed course. In a democracy, everyone wins when ideas flow freely."

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gumshoe said...

Is this all Pro-Vote has to throw at Roy in his hometown of Southwest Missouri?

How much was spent on this ad?

Too wordy.
Not strategic.