Thursday, August 13, 2009

Anti-Blunt Billboard Blunted

The Missouri Progressive Vote Coalition says an outdoor advertising company has rejected its plan to put up a billboard in downtown Springfield targeting Congressman Roy Blunt.
The left-leaning group, USAction and it's Missouri affiliate, said it wanted to pay for the above billboard that reads: "Roy Blunt has taken $556,682 in contributions from the insurance industry. Is that why he won't take our side on healthcare reform?"
On Thursday, the group said it received a message from Lamar Advertising Company saying the billboard was being rejected based on political content.

"Roy Blunt, the target of this smear campaign, is a local politician and has been a strong proponent of Outdoor Advertising in Missouri for a number of years," Lamar Advertising Company said in an email message. "As much as we would always love the business, we will have to respectfully decline," the message went on, according to US Action.
USAction Program Director Alan Charney said alternate plans are being made to target Blunt, who is running for U.S. Senate. "We’re guessing that there are newspapers in Congressman Blunt’s district that would welcome our business and won’t discriminate based on content," Charney said.

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