Thursday, August 20, 2009

Boxer Helping Carnahan

California Sen. Barbara Boxer is asking her supporters to help out Robin Carnahan in her U.S. Senate bid in Missouri.

"California Sen. Barbara Boxer's PAC for a Change sent an e-mail to its full list of supporters this week, praising and soliciting funds for Paul Hodes and fellow Democratic candidate Senate Robin Carnahan of Missouri, both of whom are running next year for open GOP seats," reports New Hampshire's Union Leader.

Both Hodes and Carnahan are running for open seats.

Boxer is running for re-election in 2010.

Carnahan's campaign has been more visible in recent weeks, garnering local media coverage at several stops. And despite the candidate's aversion to Twitter, the campaign has been ramping up its Tweets -- though even some young Democrats believe Carnahan should be typing out the status updates herself.

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Jim said...

Robin has burned through her big list of donors and her ACTBLUE bundlers, and is now faced with needing money to compete with Blunt's latest fundraising quarter.

Why exactly does she need to raise money when she doesn't plan on taking any stands on issues until November 5th, 2010?