Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Libertarian Ferguson Flips to GOP, Supports Blunt

A top leader in Missouri's Libertarian Party has become a Republican and is supporting Congressman Roy Blunt's campaign for U.S. Senate.
Mike Ferguson, who was the Libertarian candidate for Lieutenant Governor in 2004, announced his conversion Wednesday on his website.
"I don’t want to just talk about better, smaller government for Missouri; I want to be part of creating a better, smaller government in our state. I am at home in the Republican Party," Ferguson wrote on his website. "We need a Republican Party that once again proclaims and puts into practice the values that were once the centerpiece of our party. Fortunately, the Missouri Republican Party is listening and is once again embracing the part of its base that has felt abandoned in recent years. I am excited to have the opportunity to help reconnect the party with the freedom movement," Ferguson went on.
Ferguson said he's throwing his support behind Blunt's campaign because his hope is that "everyone who opposes the dangerous and irresponsible economic policies of the Obama administration will unite."
"Those of us in libertarian and other freedom-based circles have occasionally not agreed with Congressman Blunt’s votes. He and I have had very candid conversations about that. The Congressman is not afraid of dialogue; in fact, he wants to have the discussions that will allow him to effectively represent the entire conservative base – and the state of Missouri – in the United States Senate," Ferguson wrote.
Blunt mentioned those conversations with Ferguson in a statement: "We talked about his commitment to the conservative movement for freedom and the importance of having an inclusive campaign regardless of Party. We discussed the importance of reaching out to Libertarians and others who are concerned about Washington's out of control taxing, out of control spending and out of control debt and borrowing. I believe Mike's decision shows that our campaign and the Republican Party are serious about reaching out to people who believe as we do in Missouri's common sense conservative values and principles. I appreciate Mike Ferguson's endorsement of our campaign and I look forward to his advice and help in reaching out to others across our state to join us in the fight to put the people's future first."
Spokesman Rich Chrismer said Ferguson will serve as an informal adviser to Blunt's campaign, and will have "an important role in helping us reach out to Libertarians."

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