Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bond: Obama Presser Missed The Mark

Sen. Kit Bond said President Obama's primetime presidential news conference designed to buck up support for his plan to reform healthcare "missed an opportunity to unite Americans."

"Tonight the President missed an opportunity to unite Americans around a reform plan that lowers health care costs, increases access and improves quality," said Bond in a statement. "Instead, the President was busy pointing fingers and embracing a budget-busting government takeover of health care that focuses on empowering bureaucracy instead of patients and doctors," he added.


TIME's Mark Halperin said Obama mostly focused on what he doesn't like.

NYTimes: "Mr. Obama also signaled that he might be open to another idea under consideration in the Senate: taxing employer-provided health benefits, as long as the tax did not fall on the middle class."

POLITICO: "Obama endorsed a House committee's plan to fund part of the new program by imposing a surtax on families making over $1 million a year - but insisted he would not support any bill that helped fund the $1 trillion plan with a tax on middle-class families."

The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder: "He's arguing that even as Americans accept the status quo and don't want government to get involved, Americans ought to be angry at the status quo . . . Obama's argument is that in order for doctors to do better and patients to feel better and to make all of this less expensive, government will have to change the incentive structure. That will allow doctors and patients to make better choices."

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