Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Road Rider Stands By Helmet Story

A Freedom of the Road Rider stands by his story that Gov. Jay Nixon promised to sign a repeal of the motorcycle helmet law -- despite the Governor's recent denial that he made any commitments to anybody.
Motorcycle rider Dean Gunter contacted The Notebook Tuesday after watching Nixon's denial of any pledge HERE.
Gunter previously told the Associated Press that Nixon personally told him he would sign the bill. Per our request, Gunter detailed his brief exchange with the Governor, which he says occurred at the State Capitol on April 8th.
"I watched your interview several times and I noticed you specifically asked about groups, but the second time he answered, he said 'anybody.' To me that meant he never told me that," Gunter said.
"Here is what happened. It was on Tuesday, April 8th. (Nixon) was addressing an older group seated in the rotunda of the Capitol. As he stepped off the podium, a couple of people shook his hand and talked for a bit. Then, it was my turn. Now, when I walked to him and his two patrolmen, I introduced myself and mentioned Martha Hicks," said Gunter, explaining that she's a friend and a member of the Silver Haired Legislature.
"(Nixon) smiled and said how great of a lady she was. I then told him I had been working with the groups and individuals who ride to get Senate Bill 202 passed. His expression changed and he said sharply, and I quote: 'I told them I would sign it, if they leave it clean I will sign it,' unquote. I thanked him, shook his hand and two other men were standing there to talk to him went next. I then left him, and went to visit a few legislators to thank them," Gunter recalled.
"I told everyone what he had just told me. That's it," Gunter said.
Again, you can watch Nixon's denial of any commitment "to anybody" HERE.
The Governor has said he's "truly undecided" about what to do.
Gunter said he would like to "confront" the Governor about his explanation.

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