Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Emerson, Blunt React to Sanford Saga

The Washington Examiner nabs comments from Reps. Emerson & Blunt on Gov. Mark Sanford's revelation he had an affair with a woman in Argentina.

Asked about the implications on the Republican party, Rep. Jo Ann Emerson said the GOP would have to wait for a leader to emerge.

"You would think out of the chaos would rise someone, but I don't know who it is going to be," said Emerson, who said she favored former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman before Obama tapped him to serve as ambassador to China.

The Examiner also wrote this biting line about Congressman Blunt: Rep. Roy Blunt, the former House Majority Leader who is now a GOP candidate for governor (nope U.S. Senate) in Missouri, is no stranger to scandal, having gone through an affair, a public divorce and remarriage under the scrutiny of the press. (The Examiner has since issued a correction, taking out the word "affair." See the above post.)

"This can be a distraction," Blunt said of the Ensign and Sanford scandals. "But I think the issues are big enough that they will quickly overcome the distraction."


Julien LeMieux said...

You know who's really escaping public scrutiny on this one, but really shouldn't be?

Robin Carnahan.

Not very many people know the rather revolting history of her and her husband Juan Carlos... but honestly its a hell of a lot worse than this Sanford thing.

Juan Carlos is from South America, he came to America and got married so he could stay in the country... began seeing Robin Carnahan... broke up with his wife on VALENTINES Day, then gets married to Carnahan in what can only be called a marriage of political convenience (for Carnahan).

If you really want to "go there", lets talk a little bit about Carnahan's home wrecking and political opportunism in regards to "love", shall we?

Busplunge said...

A Big Chris Matthew's "HAH!"

LeMieux translates to "The Best"