Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ron Paul Group Upset With Blunt-MoveOn Meeting

Missouri's Campaign for Liberty group is blasting Congressman Roy Blunt for his staffers meeting with MoveOn.org.
In a blogpost on their site, Paul Hamby writes: "Congressman Blunt, We should ABOLISH the Department of Energy. They have accomplished nothing in their 30 years of existence."
On Monday, The Notebook reported that two Blunt staffers agreed to meet with Springfield members of MoveOn.org about energy policy and that MoveOn leader Jonathan Conrad was "satisfied" with the meeting.
"Do you recall that we had nearly $5 per gallon gas recently and we have not built a new Nuclear Power Plant in America in all the years that you were in Washington? We should start that budget cutting your friend Obama talks about by eliminating the dept of energy," wrote Hamby in an angry response.
"Perhaps you should file in the Democrat Primary where your agenda of big government and reckless spending belong," Hamby wrote.
Campaign for Liberty is group affiliated with former presidential candidate Ron Paul, with the stated goal of promoting "the great American principles of individual liberty, constitutional government, sound money, free markets, and a noninterventionist foreign policy."

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