Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nodler: Anywhere You Raise, I Can Raise More

The Joplin State Senator sounds more and more like a Congressional candidate in an interview with the Capitol Hill based publication Roll Call -- signaling he'll decide on a race to replace Roy Blunt by month's end.
"If I run, I will be able to raise money in more parts of this Congressional district than any other candidate. I will have a less regional fundraising report in the sense that I think you'll see contributions from every part of the Congressional disrict," Sen. Gary Nodler told reporter John McArdle.

Adds: "All of the folks who posture may not end up being candidates who make the trip to the state Capitol and file."

Nodler has not yet said if he'll run, but signaled a decision by the end of May.

Article also includes quotes from already announced candidates Darrell Moore, Jack Goodman and Billy Long

Read the entire piece HERE

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