Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Fmr. Bush Speechwriter Picks Claire for Supreme Court

A former White House speechwriter for President H.W. Bush says Sen. Claire McCaskill is her favorite pick to become the next Supreme Court Justice.
In a blog for U.S. News & World Report, Mary Kate Cary says her vote goes to McCaskill because of her work experience "both as a waitress and a prosecutor, her life as a single mom, and her family responsibilities taking care of both young children and an aging parent."

Cary narrowed her choices to "three liberal women with law degrees," but lauded McCaskill with this description:

"And my personal favorite, Claire McCaskill: University of Missouri Law graduate, 55, single mom for seven years, then remarried and now has a blended family of nine kids. Put herself through law school as a waitress; according to her official bio, she worked in a fabric store as a teenager in order to sew her own clothes. Later, she ran the state's largest prosecutor's office (in Kansas City) and began its first domestic violence unit. Elected as a state legislator and Missouri State Auditor, now serving as senator from Missouri. Returns to St. Louis every weekend, where her 79-year-old mother, Betty Anne, lives with the family."


"Once again, Senator McCaskill is dodging questions, avoiding responsibility, and clouding the issue of her family’s Bermuda-based tax shelter. Despite previously claiming that she and her husband ‘share everything,’ McCaskill is now distancing herself from the business," said Lloyd Smith, Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party.

The GOP is pouncing on this explanation given by McCaskill's spokesperson yesterday: "Like Warren Buffet, Claire's husband has an investment in a reinsurance company in a foreign country that has never been a tax benefit to him nor will there ever be a tax benefit for this investment."

But in March, The Notebook asked McCaskill specifically about the tax shelter charge. She said Rural Reinsurance Company International has "absolutely nothing to do with a tax shelter."


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