Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Champion: Jobs Bill Not Important If "Not Done Right"

Springfield Sen. Norma Champion said she supports a ceiling on state historic tax credits but not a complete sunset, and isn't sure the Senate will even approve a jobs bill before the session is over.
"I would not be surprised if that doesn't get held up, and, or separated," Sen. Champion said when asked about the status of legislation that would expand tax credits for businesses in Missouri. The legislation has languished in the Senate for weeks because of a debate over whether to reign in different types of tax credits.
"If we vote on a Fair Tax, that would do away with it all, now wouldn't it," Champion said. Asked for her position on tax credits, she added, "I support a ceiling, but I don't support a sunset per say. I think we need a plan to look statewide and appropriate them so they are equitably distributed in the state. We have to look very, very hard at what these tax credits are doing. I think we have to get a handle on them, tighten the perimeters of them."
Champion downplayed the importance of passing some type of jobs legislation by next week. "It's important if we can get it settled, but it's not important if it's not done right. This doesn't have to be done," she said.
Champion said she has not been lobbied by the Governor's office for her support.
"The Governor hasn't lobbied me on anything," she said.
"I can see the logic of it, doing it one-time," Champion said. But she isn't convinced that making it permanent is a good idea. "That I don't know whether we can sustain. We don't know what our revenue will be like," she said.

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