Sunday, April 05, 2009

Week 12: Nixon's Grade


Governor Jay Nixon made considerable progress this week towards accomplishing two of his main goals of the legislative session. And he can thank the State Senate for it. After snagging the backing of Associated Industries (a group that backed Republican Kenny Hulshof for Governor), Nixon won the endorsement of the upper chamber for his health care expansion plan. Then, on Friday, the Missouri State University Board of Governors voted not to raise tuition for the next school year, a move that should firm up the Governor's higher education goal of keeping funding stable. His top priority, of producing a broader economic development package, however, remains in the Senate meat-grinder, stuck inside a debate over tax credits that may end up defining the '09 session. While passions are high and certain lawmakers have cited principle in order to draw a "tax credit cap" line in the sand, there is some hope that this upcoming week is when a compromise can finally be brokered. Sen. John Griesheimer told Missourinet: "Let's get the bill out of the Senate, stand down, don't filibuster, if you've got to vote no vote no, but let the bill go to conference and let's work on a compromise version."

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