Sunday, April 05, 2009

Blunt Gets "Real Time" via Sam Donaldson


Appearing on this week's Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, legendary ABC News correspondent Sam Donaldson dropped Roy Blunt's name while discussing healthcare.

Donaldson said he had recently talked to Blunt about reaching a compromise on healthcare and "was encouraged." "I talked to Roy Blunt, who's the whip in the House for the Republicans, last night and I was a little surprised," Donaldson said. "He said, 'I think we can make a deal. Now the big stumbling block of course is the idea that the government should have an insurance option that people can use," he went on. "But he said that's not insurmountable."

"And I think on all the rest, if people follow a Roy Blunt model, we're going to have the deal on healthcare," Donaldson said.

Of course, Donaldson misspoke when he referred to Blunt as the current Whip. Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor now fills that role for the GOP, taking over the reins after the 2008 election.


During his "New Rules" segment, Maher took humorous aim at FOX's Glenn Beck:

"New Rule, since Glenn Beck is clearly on to us, liberals must launch our plan for socialist domination immediately. Listen closely comrades, I've received word from General Soros and our partners in the U.N: Operation Streisand is a go! . . . (applause) . . . Markos Moulitsas and your Daily Kos controlled Army of gay, Mexican, day-laborers will join forces with Michael Moore's Prius tank division, north of Branson, where you will seize the guns of everyone who doesn't blame America first, forcing them into the FEMA concentration camps. That's where ACORN and I will re-educate them as atheists and declare victory in the war on Christmas!"

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