Friday, April 17, 2009

Steelman Still Has $770,000 In Debt

While she may be ramping up for a potential U.S. Senate campaign, Sarah Steelman still has significant debt left over from her unsuccessful run for Governor.

But a Steelman adviser says that's irrelevant.

As first noted by, Steelman's first quarter campaign finance report with the Missouri Ethics Commission shows that eight months after her primary loss, the former state treasurer still has a $770,000 debt.

The report also shows that Steelman reported $113,225 during the first three months of the year, including a $57,775 contribution from the "Power to the People Committee."

Steelman also paid out more than $100,000 to political consultants, including $41,691 to Jeff Roe's Axiom Strategies, almost $23,000 to a Washington-area pollster and $37,230 to a fundraiser.

RedState writes: "That is one whopping big hole to start with if/when she decides whether or not to run."

UPDATED . . . BUT An adviser notes that Steelman put $770,000 of her own money into the race, so the campaign doesn't have to pay her back.

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Braden said...

$770k in debt? If this is how she spends her own money, we might consider how she'll spend our's. Litigation must be profitable....maybe even worth protecting.