Tuesday, April 28, 2009

McCaskill, Bond React To Specter

Sen. Arlen Specter announces he'll become a Democrat, acknowledging his chances of winning the 2010 Pennsylvania Republican primary against Pat Toomey were "bleak."
SEN. KIT BOND: "He chose what he clearly thinks is the easiest path to re-election this time."
SEN. CLAIRE MCCASKILL: "I don't think this will result in big changes on policy. Senator Specter was a moderate and is still a moderate. It will, however, help us get to substantive debate on important issues. It will also be harder for Republicans to block us from even talking about policy."
More from McCaskill from the Wall Street Journal: "It basically is saying moderation is a very difficult thing in the Republican Party. If you are a moderate, you are an endangered species in the Republican Party."


Paul Seale said...

RE: "moderates no longer welcome"

So thats why Bush personally campaigned for Arlen and saved his campaign in 2004 while the RNC spent millions on Lincoln Chaffee in 2006, right?

Hm. Some how those facts ellude this post.

gumshoe said...

Don't cherry pick words. She said, "you (moderates) are an endangered species in the Republican Party."

She's right. You can find a few here and there, but unless Republicans regain the control over their party from the radical right, they're finished as a national power house.