Sunday, March 08, 2009

Week 8: Nixon's Grade

This may be remembered as the week the honeymoon ended for Governor Nixon. His approval rating -- while still very healthy -- came back down out of orbit to a more Missouri-like 55%. His budget plan is clashing with the reality of a GOP-dominated legislature. His chief economic development initiative is collecting dust in the State Senate, without a vote in sight. The last of those three is what had the Governor visibly agitated this weekend at Democrat Days in Hannibal. Nixon delivered his most forceful speech yet, scolding the Senate to "get to work" on expanding his Quality Jobs bill. He wants it on his desk by spring break. Problem is, time flies in Jeff City. Spring break begins Thursday. But the signals are that the Senate isn't likely to move that quickly. A few Senators want to deal with tax credit reform before they move anything, and that will take time. As a colleague mentioned to me this weekend, Nixon must be angry with Senators who didn't seem to have any problem with these same type of credits during the Blunt era. Nixon spent his week chiding and criticizing, whether it was on S-CHIP funding or economic incentives. He's using the power of his megaphone to pressure his Republican rivals, but it's questionable if the other side is even listening anymore.

Nixon's Recent Grades:
Week 7: A-
Week 6: B
Week 5 B

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