Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Senate Cmt. Approves Ameren Bill

A Senate committee has passed legislation allowing Ameren UE to charge ratepayers in advance of a new power plant's construction.
The 6-4 vote pushes SB228 to the full Senate.
Missourians for a Balanced Energy future applauded the vote:
"The balanced legislation will create 3,000 of those jobs, invest over $6 billion in Missouri, and result in a clean, non-carbon emitting power plant," said spokesperson Scott Charton. "The opposition’s deceptive and negative campaign tactics could not trump common sense in the Missouri Legislature."
The legislation is paving the way for Callaway 2, a nuclear plant and the largest construction project in Missouri history. Ameren UE has argued that a change in law is needed to proceed with the plant.
The Fair Electricity Rate Action Fund is vowing a fight:
"Ameren should be ashamed. With Missouri’s jobless rate above 8%, you’d think that Ameren would want what’s best for Missouri’s families and seniors. Instead, Ameren is only looking out for their own bottom line, pushing a bill which will raise utility rates on our families and seniors by 40% every single month and guaranteeing job losses in our state," said Gregg Keller, FERAF spokesman.
FERAF believes the bill is a wish-list for Ameren, rather than a comprehensive plan to meet Missouri's energy needs.

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