Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Prouty Enters The Fray

Jonathan Prouty began his new gig Tuesday as spokesperson of the Missouri Republican Party. The first statement he delivered lacked both the customary outrage and partisan shots that are usually staples of party-controlled releases. In the statement, Party Chair David Cole thanked Executive Director Jared Craighead for his service and ushered in the new era of Lloyd Smith:
"Jared Craighead was one of the most dedicated and capable Executive Directors that the Missouri Republican Party has ever had. His leadership and management were one of the reasons that Missouri fared far better than other states in the last two election cycles. The fact that Missouri was the only battleground state that went for the Republican nominee in 2008 speaks volumes about the kind of success that Missouri Republicans have enjoyed under Jared’s tenure. I know Jared is excited about practicing law and I wish him and Alison all the best and continued success," said Cole.

"The fact that Lloyd Smith has agreed to be the Executive Director of the MRP guarantees that Missouri will continue to have one of the best run state parties in the entire country. He has vast political and congressional experiences which makes him perfectly suited to assume management responsibilities for MRP at this critical time. Lloyd Smith is a consummate professional who knows how to develop and execute winning strategies. I am so grateful that he has agreed to take on this important responsibility," Cole concluded.
Before taking the reigns at the MOGOP, Prouty served as a communications associate with John Hancock's consulting company.
The Notebook looks forward to working with Prouty through the good, the bad, the ugly --- and through all that outrage.

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