Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nixon & Goodman Buddy Up At Tourism Event


Watch Gov. Jay Nixon & Sen. Jack Goodman
offer kind words to each other during Tuesday's announcement on tourism funding.

Goodman introduces Nixon as "a man whom I do respect," who provided "solid service" as Attorney General and who's "working across the aisle."

Nixon returned the compliment, thanking Goodman for his work, calling him "a constant advocate" for tourism. Nixon also said he was hopeful Goodman would "stand with us" to help replace tourism funds that have been sliced out of the 2010 budget by a House Committee.

Goodman arrived just in time to introduce the Governor in Branson.

CARROTS N' STICKS: Though Nixon's chief economic initiative is still being debated in the Senate, advisers believe they'll be able to make more headway with their 2010 budget priorities in the upper chamber.

1 comment:

gumshoe said...

So... Republicans go after former Rep. Chuck Wooten for endorsing Nixon, but have no problem when party insider Jack Goodman does stunts with Nixon to promote his candidacy?

Recall that Seasme Street game, "Which is not the same?"