Wednesday, March 18, 2009

National Review Mocks McCaskill For AIG Letter

"Senator, An angry letter isn't going to change anything"

National Review's Jim Geraghty writes a scathingly sarcastic post, targeting Sen. Claire McCaskill for saying she feels better because of a letter sent to the AIG CEO about returning bonuses.

"Senator, the checks have been mailed, and probably cashed by now. The money's gone. The CEO doesn't have the power to get it back. An angry letter isn't going to change anything. You might as well send a letter to Octomom demanding she not implant herself with multiple embryos," writes Geraghty.

McCaskill wrote about the letter being sent by Democratic Senators on her new blog.

But NR also poses this question to McCaskill: "Did you recognize that you specifically voted to protect these bonuses when you passed the stimulus?"

AND EARLIER: CONGRESSMAN ROY BLUNT also put blame at the feet of the Obama administration:

"Taxpayers already paid for the poor decisions made by AIG executives and are rightfully outraged to now pay for their bonuses. Officials with the Treasury Department and the White House knew, despite their denials two weeks ago, that taxpayer funds would be used to supplement executive salaries but did nothing to stop this insult to hardworking Americans," Blunt said in a statement.

"I am glad the Administration is promising to recoup these funds but their actions are literally two weeks late and $30 billion short. The economic stability package passed last year contained a provision to ensure companies fully reimburse the tax dollars spent to keep their businesses open and it is time to consider acting on this important provision," Blunt went on.

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