Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What Say Sarah?

Oh my.
"I am continuing to explore a run for U.S. Senate because hard working men and women who love this country are looking for a better way. Missourians know we have to hold people accountable for their bad decisions; the bail outs, the earmarks, the self-dealing and the cozy relationships between congressmen and lobbyists. These actions have undermined the trust in our institutions, devastated the American economy, and have shown disrespect for the hard-working people of this state and country. Too many Americans are paying for Washington's failures in the form of lost jobs and shrinking income, but they still stand ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work to create a better future," said former State Treasurer Sarah Steelman in a prepared statement released to reporters late Wednesday.
"Missouri's next U.S. Senator must stand with them to credibly address our economic problems and demonstrate to Missourians that she has the courage to stand up to Washington's power brokers," Steelman added.
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churchill said...

The Repubs are having their statewide Lincoln days in KC this weekend. If you want to see the problem with them look at their headline speakers to address the party faithful- Bond, Big Blunt, Little Blunt, Kinder, and Talent. Washed up white guys in suits. Sarah Steelman was never asked to participate in any fashion in the event by the Republican establishment. Do they have a problem with strong independent women? Please Sarah- run and start a new day for Republican politics

Verne said...

The trouble with Sarah is her lack of character, most recently shown in her refusal to graciously concede her loss to Hulshof. She's a bitter woman with notoriously poor judgment, a history of scandal, holds grudges, and no team player. Hulshof would be a better candidate than Blunt Sr. No scandals, very smart, and a sterling character. However, wounded by last fall's loss.

logcabinrep78 said...

Actually, I believe that Sarah is a formidable opponent. She just needs some better campaign managers (a whole other subject). I do not believe that Blunt will have a snowball's chance if he runs against Carnahan.

As for Sarah being a bitter woman...I think it takes more character to refuse to fall in line just because it is what you are supposed to do, than to become a lemming. We all know what happens to lemmings and I beleive that can recently be said for our Grand Old Party. It is really time for us to change and if it requires a woman standing up to the pitiful guys...then so be it. If she proves to be the best candidate then she will absolutely have my vote.