Wednesday, February 18, 2009

VIDEO: Bond Touts Housing Money But Slams Sin City "Pork" In Stimulus Bill

"That's Totally Wrong"

In downtown Springfield Wednesday, Sen. Kit Bond touted $2 billion dollars for low income housing that's included in the giant economic stimulus bill -- a bill he voted against.

During a press conference Wednesday in Springfield, I posed this question to Senator Bond: If the Republicans had their way, wouldn't the money for low income housing not be available to Missourians?


Officials estimate Missouri could see around $50 million for low-income housing that could create 1,000 new units and 3,000 new jobs over the next 12 months.

Sen. Bond also trashed the stimulus bill for including money for a high-speed rail track on the West Coast.

"If you get on the conference committee with me, I'll debate that with you," Bond said, when asked for a reason why high-speed rail isn't a reasonable project to include.

"There isn't going to be any shovel on the Sin City train for some time," Bond added.

Says Missouri road projects aren't considered "pork" because they are "shovel-ready," as opposed to the Las Vegas to Los Angeles rail project.
While critics view the $8 billion dollar rail project as "wasteful," other experts say it's a smart investment for big cities to make to help ease road congestion and help the middle class travel.

On Wednesday's program, liberal MSNBC host Keith Olbermann gave Bond the dubious honor as "Worst Person in the World," for taking credit for part of a stimulus plan he voted against.


logcabinrep78 said...

I attended the Bond press conference and was very intrigued with his demeanor when responding to David's questions.

First of all, I had thought that this press conference was intended to be about the Booneville Loft project which will provide affordable housing opportunities for people with low-income. However, after a few courtesy words about the project he (Sen. Bond)descended into what I would consider partisan mud-slinging in reference to the stimulus bill. I personally think this stimulus bill is a band-aid and a fairly poor attempt to fix a very serious problem. Yet, on this occasion I would think Senator Bond would provide more focus on the problem at hand...that being the housing problem...than Washington bickering. It is sad to drag such a great cause (providing housing relief for those in need) into a tacky political smokescreen.

Secondly, I am not smearing the Senator because of my politics. In fact, I am of Bond's party. I have many conservative values (granted, I also have a couple liberal views). It is just moments like this press conference that make me consider jumping ship or becoming an independent.

Finally, even though the content of the press conference was not what I believed it should be, kudos go to David for asking good questions and refusing to take bull for answers. Job well done.

logcabinrep78 said...

As a side the press conference Senator Bond apologized to our outgoing mayor for missing an engagement that Mr. Carlson and Commissioner Bentley had just come from. In the conversation (which was just minutes before the supposed press conference touting the stimulus money for low-income housing) the mayor made a statement which truly took me, and those around me, aback. He stated that to complete the project (of which I am unsure) they "had to kick out the pigeons and the homeless." This was both inappropriate and appauling, especially given the place it was made. I guess this lame-duck epidemic is is just sad it takes getting out of politics for the true colors to come out.
Let me say that the mayor has been cooperative in many of the community's projects for affordable housing, but it should also be noted that many questionable people do good things. Sad.