Thursday, February 19, 2009

Steelman-Blunt Poll Hacked

Yes, the "Who's Stronger Steelman-Blunt" poll has been hacked.
We certainly appreciate the enthusiasm, but figured a few would ruin the fun.
Here's the short version: Toward the latter part of the afternoon, the amount of total votes doubled the amount of page hits The Notebook was receiving. I'm told by some of our more computer savvy readers, it probably involved an automatic script that adds a vote every minute automatically. Or it could have been people clearing their computer cookies and re-voting, without refreshing the page.
Either way, it appears that some Steelman folks began rigging the system first, which propelled her into an enormous lead. The mass Steelman voting occurred after 3 p.m. Then, even later this afternoon, the Blunt tribe attempted to respond with their own repeat voting. But they were no match.
I'm told the best result of the poll was probably around midday. When the voting was stable, it was about 60% Blunt, 40% Steelman.
But we'll never really know exactly how it turned out.
Kids, let's try to play nicer from now on. We've got 20 months to go.

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Busplunge said...

Are most of your readers from this area?

Blunt polled 60 to 40 and , assuming these votes came from his home territory of SWMO---

Will he carry KC and StL?