Thursday, February 19, 2009

"I Know How To Fight For Missouri"

Announces 3-Day Statewide Tour

"The Senate is where the real battles will be fought for America’s future. It is where every voice must be heard," Blunt said in a statement. "One-party control in Washington has created a dramatically new setting. Common sense and open debate are in danger of being suppressed by the overreaching liberal monopoly in Congress and the White House. Never has Washington been in greater need of hearing from people who work hard, pay their taxes, and want solutions to urgent economic problems and the ongoing threat of terrorism.," said Blunt.

"I know how to fight for Missouri. I have fought and won many battles, including bipartisan solutions to difficult challenges. Those victories include guiding into law the largest tax cut for working families in U.S. history. At a time when the only obstacle to one-party rule is 41 Republicans in the Senate, I will need no on-the-job training. I will insist from Day One on speaking up for Missouri common sense, insisting on real accountability to taxpayers, and solving problems by looking to the people, not to bigger government and deficit spending that now is running totally out of control," added Blunt.

"The real world experience I offer includes public service and the private sector, where most people earn their living and support their families. I grew up in a typical hard-working Missouri family, where my parents worked hard to make ends meet. My first job after college was teaching high school history. The people later elected me as the local election official in Greene County, and then Secretary of State. I led a vibrant university. Most recently, I have worked for Missouri families in the U.S. House of Representatives," Blunt concluded.

Blunt is now enroute to Jefferson City and then Cape Girardeau. He'll reach Carthage by this evening. The Blunt campaign said additional stops are planned for Friday and Saturday.

Statewide Lincoln Days is being held in Kansas City this weekend.

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