Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dems: Blunt Helped Create Economic Mess

Before even the official Roy Blunt for Senate release, comes Missouri Democratic Party reaction from Chairman and fellow Springfieldian Craig Hosmer:

"At a time when Missouri families need a fresh perspective in Washington, Congressman Blunt represents more of the same failed policies that have made our lives so difficult. For eight years, Congressman Blunt has been a driving force behind George W. Bush's failed economic policies and Congress' reckless spending. And now the Congressman thinks he deserves a promotion? We'll never get the change we need here in Missouri if we keep sending back the same old gang with the same failed ideas back to Washington," said Hosmer in a statement sent to reporters by former Jay Nixon hand Oren Shur.

"During the time that Congressman Blunt has been in Washington creating this economic mess, Robin Carnahan has been here in Missouri, listening to the concerns of Missourians, helping small business owners by cutting red tape, holding big financial institutions accountable, and protecting Missouri investors from fraudulent financial schemes. And while Congressman Blunt spends the coming months running away from his failed Washington record, Secretary Carnahan will address the need to put our economy back on track, strengthen our middle class and demand accountability from those on Wall Street and in Washington who got us into this mess," Hosmer added.

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