Thursday, January 08, 2009

Talent Tells KY3 He'll Consider It Seriously

Former Senator Jim Talent tells the KY3 Political Notebook he will seriously consider running for Sen. Kit Bond's seat "when the shock wears off."

In a phone interview with Talent this afternoon while he was in an airport switching planes, Talent told The Notebook that Sen. Bond's decision not to run was "one of the biggest in Missouri politics in a long time."

Talent also said Bond called him early this morning to tell him. "I told Kit, this is like a kick in the back of the head. He's just been such a presence in Missouri politics for 40 years. Really, remarkable, and very surprising. I really thought he would go another term," former Sen. Talent said.

"When the shock wears off, I will investigate this seriously. I'm going to look at running. But we've got to let some time pass first," Talent added.


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