Friday, January 23, 2009

Nixon Announces His 2-Year Plan At MSU

Governor Jay Nixon made official his tuition agreement with 2-year colleges Friday, two days after Ozarks Technical Community College confirmed the deal to KY3.
Curiously, Nixon made his "new" announcement at Missouri State University, a 4-year institution. A Nixon spokesperson explained that MSU President Michael Nietzel was instrumental in nailing the event down for his school. Nixon also had to meet with Nietzel to discuss other issues.
There are also indications that some leaders at community colleges weren't given a heads up that the official announcement about their agreement would be coming this morning. It's fair to say the way the announcement was handled has irked some officials in the 2-year community.
The deal for the 2-year and community colleges will freeze their state funding for the next fiscal year in exchange for a pledge not to hike tuition. Hundreds packed into a room in Plaster Student Union to hear the Governor and President Nietzel praise the agreements.

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