Thursday, January 22, 2009

McCaskill Has Concerns About Deputy Defense Nominee

THE D.C. A.P -- Senate action on President Barack Obama's pick to become the No. 2 official at the Pentagon slowed on Thursday after lawmakers realized he might require an exemption from the administration's own lobbying rules.
Sen. Claire McCaskill is quoted in the story, saying she'll probably vote for William J. Lynn III, but voiced concerns about his lobbying ties.
Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri, who has established a reputation as a watchdog on government waste and ethics issues, said she has concerns about the nomination but will support it so long as Lynn promises to become "a reformer" on the job. "I am more worried sometimes about the (revolving) door going the other way," when officials leave government agencies to become lobbyists, she told reporters. Lynn is "giving up money to come back for less salary to do public work. I think under those circumstances, he deserves the benefit of the doubt," she said.

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